Unique Logistics Solutions.

What makes Secor Logistics different? Really, it’s how we approach our work. We offer customized solutions and are ready to take on any challenge.

How We Are Different

We offer a unique solution to your individual problem. Typically, you need to work with a company that does your LTL. Then you might have someone who does your TL. A third company might offer warehousing and storage.

That’s a lot to juggle. At Secor Logistics, we simplify your logistics. We offer a way to handle all three of those services at once with a solution that meets your specific needs. We do this by combining facets of all phases of logistics, to best fill capacity; and to ensure overall maximum efficiency. That’s what makes us stand apart from other logistics providers. We like a challenge and would be honored to take on yours.

We Listen to Customers

We’ve been doing this for a long time. Our management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry. In addition to bringing experience to the table, we are good listeners. We start any project by listening first to the customer — hearing what their problems are. Then we work on solving them together.

With one larger customer that had a complex need, our management team spent four months learning how they operated, which included visiting the customer’s plant to see their operations firsthand. We learned how they manufactured their product as well as how they received product. We watched the entire process from start to finish — all the way to delivery to the end customer.

At Secor Logistics, we want to get to know you and your business before offering a unique logistics solution. We don’t rush anything. We make sure to listen to you and to fully understand your problems before offering solutions. By taking our time, we can effectively build a unique logistics solutions program that is realistic. We make sure we can do the job and have the plans in place to execute it. We don’t just throw out prices without knowing every facet of your business.

When Traditional Services No Longer Work

Our primary focus is on providing truly dedicated services, but we can handle any basic service you want. If you want to start small, that’s fine; we can offer the basics with a LTL shipment locally. Or we can give you a quote for a TL shipment. We have a fleet of trucks to aid in meeting these requests.

However, most of our customers come to us when the usual solutions are not working. No solution can be “one size fits all,” and that’s why we offer unique logistics solutions. Also, we just really love a challenge.

We are responsive
At Secor Logistics, our growth is not predicated on an ambition to grow but on meeting the needs of our customers and being responsive to the ever-changing landscape of the business and manufacturing worlds.

When the industry changes, automation changes, competition changes and everyone is looking to stay a step ahead. We move you ahead.