Employment Opportunities

Our goal at Secor Logistics is to recruit and retain only the finest drivers and employees. Our company is growing rapidly. We started with only three employees, and today our team is more than 50 strong. As we continue to grow, we are looking to recruit the highest-quality candidates.

Why Drive for Secor Logistics?

1) Stability

A commercial truck driver is a very stable career as the demand for drivers continues to grow. The trucking industry is also one of the country’s fastest growing fields.

2) Trucking Family

Commercial truck drivers often say one of their favorite parts of the job is the bond they develop with other drivers. The job of a truck driver is important and one of the most underestimated professions in America, but drivers often understand the importance of what they do and support each other in different ways.

3) See America

Truck drivers of both short- and long-haul routes get to see the best this country has to offer. In many ways, commercial truck drivers are still America’s explorers.

4) Good pay

The U.S. Department of Labor states that the average salary for a first year truck driver is one of the highest salaries for any first-year worker in any industry.

Available Driving Positions:

  • OTR – Base $0.55/mile (additional 0.01/mile per year of employment with Secor, up to $0.60/mile)
  • Local / Linehaul – $22.00/hour (additional $0.40/hour per year of employment with Secor, up to $24.00/hour)

Position Benefits & Incentives:

  • Safety Bonus up to $2000 per year
  • Stop, detention, and other accessorial pay
  • Average of 2500+ miles a week
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Driver friendly environment
  • Weekly home time
  • Holiday and PTO after 90-day probationary period
  • Medical after 1st month following 30th day

We require:

  • Minimum 2-years verifiable experience
  • Clean driving record

Positions Available:

Ohio – OTR Driver

Indiana – OTR Driver

Iowa – OTR Driver

Illinois – OTR Driver

Our Benefits

At Secor Logistics we offer a full benefits package to our employees. This package includes a company 401(k) retirement plan, paid vacation, personal time off and more.

Typically, Secor Logistics employees are eligible for full benefits after a 90-day probationary period, which is industry standard. We are one of the best companies to work for in the logistics services industry, and we are growing at a rapid pace.

Our Positions

We employ people across the country. In addition to our headquarters in Middelburg Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, we operate a terminal in upstate New York, and our newest terminal is in Iowa.

Regional drivers for our over-the-road business come from all areas. They seek to work with us depending on their particular location. Drivers for our Ohio terminal, for example, may live in Kentucky or Tennessee, commuting at each week’s end back to their residence.

We need regional drivers, local drivers and line haul drivers. We recruit for these driving jobs on an ongoing basis. We also have employees at our main office and in warehousing and storage. These positions are added as needed or as we find quality people.

Our People

We are a dedicated group of people who look to work with individuals who adhere to the same core values as we hold. Our employees value integrity, are reliable, show respect to their peers and customers, and have a strong work ethic. They take pride in their work and in their company.

At Secor Logistics we are people who care — not only about our work but also about our colleagues — and we want to see them perform their best. We also care about our customers and treat their jobs as if they were our own.

In addition, at Secor Logistics, all of our employees, including our drivers, are on payroll. We do not use subcontractors, and almost every position is full time. We are looking for individuals who are committed to long-term success with a growing and dynamic transportation logistics company.

Our people are dedicated
Our employees are here for more than just a paycheck. We are dedicated service providers, which takes dedicated people.

The benefits associated with being on our team go beyond the traditional full-time benefits package. Secor Logistics is a family-owned company, and we treat our employees like family.